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1st Annual UPTOWN Short Film Festival May 13-14 at Mist Harlem

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This weekend UPTOWN Magazine is set to present the 1st Annual UPTOWN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL at MIST – 46 West 116th Street in Harlem! Tickets on Sale Now for Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th – $14 each day. UPTOWN VENTURES GROUP INC., is hosting the first annual UPTOWN…

One of Harlem's A-List couples graces the cover of Uptown Magazine

By HarlemGal
It’s Spring time! That means it’s time for magazines to feature the most beautiful people on the planet on the cover. Uptown Magazine falls in line and starts off April right by pleasing the eye. In their annual Gourmet Issue, one of Harlem’s A-List couples graces the April cover. It is Red Rooster Harlem owner and celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson and his drop dead gorgeous wife and model Gate Maya Haile.

For the Gourmet edition, the Samuelsson’s gave Uptown Mag incredible access. The Harlem couple allowed the magazine to photograph them all over Red Rooster. Take a look at the behind the scenes coverage. The pictures and video are incredible. If you can get past that part, feel free to click on over here to read what’s inside Uptown Magazine’s Gourmet Issue!

H&M and Uptown Magazine celebrate the grand re-opening of H&M Harlem

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife

H&M and Uptown Magazine celebrated on July 29 the grand re-opening of H&M in Harlem, which is located on 125th Street between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. The hosts packed the fashion retail store with more than 400 VIP guests, who were treated to great music, food and drinks and a first-hand look at all the clothing inside the store.

Some of the cool guests I was introduced to included Misa Hylton-Brim, a fashion stylist, who has worked with Queen Latifah and Lil Kim, Candi Lynn, a hip-hop artist and DJ Steel, a well-known spinner from the tri-state area. I also ran into well-known locals from Harlem, such as Melba Wilson, the owner of Melba’s. Her and I were chatting it up. Melba told me she catered the entire Target celebrity event that took place July 20. That’s awesome! Good for Melba.

Aside from the fascinating people at this event, the clothes were just as interesting. H&M had the whole place completely stocked with summer and fall clothes. There is so much to choose from-whether you’re looking for clothing for young adults, teenagers or kids clothing-H&M will have it and for a low price. I asked Hylton-Brim what she thought of the retailer. “It’s a great place to shop, not only for their reasonable prices, but for their quality of clothing.”

APOLLO “Dreamgirls”

By HarlemHouse

I Just had the privilege of attending the incredible performance of “Dreamgirls” at the Apollo Theater, which has just been extended for one more week!  The audience gave a standing ovation before the production even finished.  An earthshaking performance of true talent in this latest production.  It will definitely go to Broadway after touring the country.  This is the best revival of this production to date.

The stage felt like it was part of the audience in this comfortable inclusive setting.  There is nothing second rate about this first class rendition of Dreamgirls.  From the stage sets, to the incredible live performances, singing, technology, costumes and choreography – all were simply incredible.  With special note on this Sunday afternoon’s performance to Adrienne Warren who plays “Lorell” to Chester Gregory who plays “James Early” and to the understudy of Moya Angela, Patrice Covington, who plays “Effie White” who brought the house down!  This was no understudy performance by Patrice.  This was a stars performance.

This cast and production confirms the amount of talent that we have in this wonderful business and what a brilliant experience (if you can still get tickets) this ensemble brings to the legendary Dreamgirls.  If you are able to catch it before it leaves Harlem and hits the road, run… sprint… fly… to get tickets before its too late!

Bravo to the Apollo Theater for giving this spectacular rendition of Dreamgirls an extra edge and meaning to this classic beloved Musical.

If you have seen the movie or the Broadway version of Dreamgirls… you will be blown away by this latest version of Dreamgirls and the incredible talent involved on every level to this unforgettable theatrical experience.

Apollo Theater
353 W. 125th St.
New York, NY