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Ancestry.com now offers DNA Analysis

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Genealogy site www.Ancestry.com now offers DNA analysis so anyone can track their ethnic origins based on their genetic code.

Per their site: “Get personalized details about your unique ethnic origins. Discover more about your story with advanced DNA science from the experts in family history.”

It would be fascinating to compare Ancestry’s genetics-based analysis of Harlem residents with that of say the US Census’ human-response-based analysis, which¬†we covered here.

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What the census reveals about key changes shaping Harlem



The recently updated US Census Explorer tool provides an easy way to visualize trends and changes over time from from 1990 – 2012.

The Harlem maps below illustrate what is happening in terms of household median income, which is rising – the primary cause of which appears to be gentrification.

The maps offer many other ways to look at what’s happening in Harlem, in New York, and around the country.

Access the map here and put in your zip code.