Upscale grocery store coming to 118th St.&FDB

By HarlemGal
SoHa 118HarlemCondoLife has been hearing rumors about an upscale grocery store coming to Central Harlem. It’s a rumor no more! I spoke with Winick Realty Group today and they have confirmed that they are bringing a high end grocery store to the SoHa Building at 118th and Frederick Douglass.

Winick could not confirm who the retailer is yet. They only said that they are working on plans and hope to make an announcement soon! Like in a week in a half! We think this is good news for the area! Another option to get groceries!

If you have more details than Winick, please let us know!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

10 thoughts on “Upscale grocery store coming to 118th St.&FDB

  1. Teri,
    Thank you for the tip. We went by and checked out the space and sure enough the Best Yet signs were up! That’s good news for the area!

    Again many thanks!

  2. noticed some signs of life today in this space, there are now coming soon ads in the windows with the Best Yet logo.

  3. I think a Trader Joe’s would be great. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    @justin@UptownFlavor. We have not heard any new news yet. Have you guys heard anything? As soon as we do, we will post an update!

  4. Wouldn’t “Trader Joe’s” be great? They just opened one in Brooklyn that seems to be doing well. So I’ll keep my finger’s crossed for that.

    Any store with nice fresh produce and fish/meats would be great. I do like, and shop at, “Organic Forever”, “Central Market” and “Karrot”. However, they are seriously lacking in those departments.

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