Costco Store coming to East Harlem

By HarlemGal
New York’s 104.3 is reporting that Costco is coming to Harlem! This is somewhat good news, if it is in fact true! I will still shop at our local venues. However if I need bulk in bubble gum, popcorn or cleaning products, I am so here!

UPDATE: Costco Store is opening up a store in East River Plaza, which is in East Harlem! This is Costco’s first store in Manhattan!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

7 thoughts on “Costco Store coming to East Harlem

  1. i was wondering if you had any plans of opening a coctco in the columbia,missouri area. i lived in st. peters, mo and got really attached toshopping in the store. i have moved south of columbia and would love to have a store closer to me.

  2. wasn’t this originally going to be a Home Depot, but Home Depot pulled out. Is this the same location 116th St & 3rd Ave?

  3. DanS,
    Thank you for reading HCL and for your comment.

    The information about Costco opening up in East Harlem is not a rumor. They made some sort of announcement since it was also reported in major NY publications this week.

    Regarding your question about things happening, from my experience with business announcements nothing is ever a done deal until the money is wired, in the bank, and the doors are actually open for business. That’s when things happen.

    As for the story about an upscale story opening up in SoHa, HCL did speak with the realty company and they confirmed their plans so it was not a rumor. Now given that nothing has happened yet in that space, it is more than likely the deal fell through, which is very common in commercial acquisitions.

    Hope my explanation answers your question. And again thank you for your comments.

  4. Is this rumour more solid than the supposed “upscale” grocery store at the SoHa 118 building? Is that ever going to happen? What a disappointment.

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