Another Harlem church siding with the real estate gods?

By HarlemGal


Okay….what’s up with the church on Manhattan Ave between 115th and 116th Street? It appears that this place of worship has decided – by choice I hope – to side with the real estate gods.  They have a for sale sign out in front!  From my understanding, this place of worship is not the first to deal in real estate and probably will not be the last.  St. John the Divine sold part of their property to developers who built the Avalon on Morningside Heights Park and the building going up on the northwest corner of 115th Street and Fredrick Douglass Blvd is rumored to have a church inside the new condo once its complete. With all these religious organizations dabbling in real estate, I guess its a positive attribution toward Harlem from the man upstairs…in sky!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

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