YOUR VOICE: Lasker Pool on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day Weekend I decided that I wanted to lay by a pool. I looked up Lasker Rink and Pool to see if it was open. It was not. It would not be open until July. What a shame I thought, why can’t the pool be open now? Is it a matter of cost? Can the city really not afford to open the pool in May? How much could it cost? Why can’t we raise the money locally. Perhaps from a local business or bank or activities (not to mention our taxes). What about Bank of America? Talk about a way to build brand, loyalty, acquire customers, retain customers, grow a community, etc? What a way to keep kids, adults families healthy, happy, out of trouble?

Tell us what you think. What date range do you think the pool should be open? How would that benefit you, your family, your friends, your community?

Author: HarlemGuy

4 thoughts on “YOUR VOICE: Lasker Pool on Memorial Day

  1. Don’t worry, Pete, outdoor city pools are sure to start charging admission soon, just as the city gyms now do. It probably is expensive for the city to keep the pools open, given the large and aggressive security staff that is always present.

  2. this is a city wide policy. city pools open on July 4th. it’s not just this one pool.

  3. Great idea! Does anyone know how we might find out how much it takes to run the pool for a month?

  4. For that matter, why not also accept donations at the door? I appreciate that it is “free,” but I for one wouldn’t mind pitching in a little something to help keep it going.

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