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  1. Of course he will be remembered for his tremendous talent and hard-working attitude. Such a great loss shocked us, it shocked every corner of the world from 8 to 80 years-old.

    Amazing artist!
    It feels that there’s an empty space
    Music…lacks something

  2. Thank you for your insightful comments. We completely agree that we should be remembering all the great things about Michael Jackson. He was an amazing artist. And the words to “Man in the Mirror” speaks volume about the man. That’s why we chose that video as our tribute! Again, many thanks for reading and commenting on HCL.

  3. When I went to the legandary place, the emotion, the energy, the love, and the sorrow for this amazing man was all around and there is no one at all on this earth that will be like him. he changed my life as well milions of others. all i can ask is that those that so not feel the same way about him, just remember him for the good he has done and if you still feel the same way take a 5 min break from whatever you are doing and listen to MAN IN THE MIRROR AND HEAL THE WORLD . this was a tragedy that we no longer have him with us, but we have to look at it this way everything happens for a reason and it was his time even though it was very unexspected. R.I.P TO THE ONE AND ONLY MICHAEL JACKSON MAY YOU FOREVER BE REMEBERED FOR YOUR GREATNESS AND NOT THE ALLIGATIONS

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