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  1. Thank you for commenting on HCL. I don’t think its that unusual for doctors to set up office space in mid to high end buildings. You see doctor offices all over Central Park West and 5th Ave. Come to think of it…my dentist is located on Central Park South. I guess if possibly you or whom ever lives in the building, there could have been other expectations for that space, but due to the current economic climate things changed and probably without notice. From my understanding that has been happening with a lot of new developments throughout the City not just Harlem.
    Again, thanks for posting a comment! Much appreciated.

  2. Unless Barneys moves in to the remaining space, I would not be happy with this line-up.

  3. Thanks for you comments and for reading I had heard a Subway was going to 111 Central Park as well, but I have not seen any signs of it. There is still plenty of commercial space left in 111 CPN so it still could happen! Let’s see!

  4. I heard that there was a Subway going in there as well. I can’t imagine this are the tenants they imagined.

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