UPDATE:Filming spotted at Harlem’s Mojo

By HarlemGal



Update: Thanks to a reader of HarlemCondoLife the film crew in front of Mojo Monday night was in fact American Express.  We also contacted Amex. According to Joanna Lambert, a spokesperson with Amex,  she said in an email “they were filming in Harlem yesterday for an exciting project they will be launching in the coming weeks – stay tuned.” Interesting! Mojo is already raking in the film credits. Good for them. And hopefully Amex will keep HarlemCondoLife posted on their project!

One never knows what they will see while walking the streets of Harlem. On Monday evening, Austin2Harlem,our guest blogger and now photographer, was running errands and this is the action he saw happening in front of Mojo, one of the hottest restaurants in Central Harlem. Looks like Mojo is the backdrop for some filming or could it be the star attraction? Hmm…diganos!

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