N Boutique T-shirt says "Harlem is the new Black"

By HarlemGal

N Harlem New York
N Harlem New York

N Harlem New York is starting their pre-publicity for its fall opening on Lenox Avenue. They are offering customers the opportunity to purchase their “Harlem is the new Black” t-shirt in advance of the opening. Click here for details.

As for the trademark, “Harlem is the new Black,” I like it! It is very similar to the quotes by Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan from Saturday Night Live: “Bitch is the new Black” and “If Black is the new bitch, then Black is the new President….”  What do you think of N’s new slogan tee?

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  1. I think the slogan is cool, however, I was born and raised in Harlem so to me Harlem has always been the new black before and now. We are the movement baby –“Always Harlem”

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