By HarlemGuy

I’ve come to view Frederick Douglass Boulevard (F.D.B, which is Central Park West above 110th a.k.a 8the Avenue) between 110 and 125th as Harlem’s Gold Coast, from a resident’s perspective. 

  • Nestled adjacent to two kid-friendly parks – Central and Morningside
  • Easy access to the Hudson River, it’s great promenades and a wide variety of recreational and dining opportunities
  • Accessible by all major local and express West Side subway lines (1,2,3,A,B,C,D)
  • Several publish libraries
  • Within walking distance to several magnet/charter schools
  • Quick access to Metro North and LGA airport
  • Down the hill from Columbia University and Broadway
  • In the gateway to Harlem including all the shopping, entertainment and culture that Harlem has to offer for residents and tourists alike
  • Is exploding with housing and restaurants

In terms of real estate the newest edition is The Douglass Condominium at 114th and F.D.B. 

credit: TheDouglass Web Site

The word on the street is that they are very nicely appointed. 

I plan to take a look for myself.