Harlem business owners unite in The Power of One

By HarlemGal
One is not the loneliest number that you’ll ever choose, according to several independent Harlem business owners. Maybe in the famous song by Three Dog Night it is? However, it is quite the opposite for those behind The Power of One, a bold, economic action plan spearheaded by Harlem business owners who have come together to promote and support each other and Harlem.
The organization is getting ready to kick-off a major challenge this coming week and they are inviting us to join in now before they make the official announcement. How can we partner with The Power of One? This is how. Buy the Power of One card for $1.00 by clicking here, become a community investor and receive discounts, VIP access, and other perks from the pioneering businesses when you spend and play in Harlem. The organization created a challenge, which is to raise $1,000,000 over the next six months, selling one Power of One card at a time
“The Power of One is Harlem’s own bailout plan and it will encourage people to think about where their money is going, and commit to spending a portion of it locally,” the organization said in a news release. “In the last year, 40 percent of local Harlem businesses have closed. When you spend your money at a  store not local to the community, that money leaves the neighborhood, but when you spend it with a local business, the money is reinvested into your community…”
HarlemCondoLife couldn’t agree more and apparently the Harlem residents and affiliate members in the video below do as well. Let’s help out. Go buy your Power of One card today!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

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