Holiday trees available on Harlem's Cathedral Parkway


By HarlemGal
I have lived in Harlem for several years now and never have I seen holiday trees for sale at the base of Morningside Park, right on Cathedral Parkway between Manhattan Avenue and Columbus Avenue. I saw workers setting up and unloading various sizes of trees right after Thanksgiving. I believe this is a first to sell trees at this location. I don’t recall a tree company ever selling holiday trees here before. Does anyone else recall differently?

I assume the company that is selling the holiday trees is doing so because there is a new demand in this part of Harlem. We have posted in the past about how the area is changing with an increase in condos and restaurants!
HarlemCondoLife also saw holiday trees for sale on Frederick Douglass Blvd and 122nd.
Last year, we spotted a ton of trees being sold on Lenox Avenue.
If you are interested in purchasing a holiday tree on Cathedral Parkway, they deliver and accept credit cards! And as always, if you know of other places in Harlem to buy holiday trees, please let us know. Happy Holidays!

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  1. But if you go to Bloomies, Macys, Home Depot – any big store – you leave & get your own transportation. I Don’t think Bloomies or Macys or any of them care about having a relationship with a person who brings you home.
    Ideally I would have hoped that our local livery people would have benefited from this.
    It’s not a concern for me. But it is a dispointment.

  2. I understand afineline’s concern about the car service, but I also understand why Costco would want to set up a relationship with a particular contractor. They would inevitably receive complaints if a car service were not “offered” in this context, and to the extent that Costco is able to set the terms of the provider relationship, they can exert some control over the number of cars in service, pricing, etc., and hold someone accountable if things aren’t as they should be.

  3. E.D. and afineline, thanks for the comments. We will have to swing by Carolina Too to photograph their holiday products as well.
    And thanks for the info on Costco’s car service. We did not know one car company has a hold on service there. What if someone wants to take a cab ride there? Do they get dropped off a block away?

  4. Carolina Too on 7th Ave/117th St said that he will be selling tree’s/garland/poinsetta’s.
    It would be nice to support our local shops at this time of year.
    By the way, I went to Costco yesterday. It is awesome but I was not happy to learn that Costco contracted with 1 car service to be ‘on-the-ready’ to take customers home. None of our local car services/taxi’s are permitted near the front door. Only the contracted car service.

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