The Discovery Channel’s Construction Intervention is Just Wingin It in Harlem


UPDATE: Click here to see Construction Intervention’s makeover of Harlem’s Just Wingin It!

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
I was walking along Frederick Douglass Blvd. this evening (Thursday) and I could not help but notice a ton of c-stands with giant lights, a van full of camera men and a boat load of construction workers at 118th and FDB! I asked the still photographer on site and one of the construction workers what was going on inside Harlem’s Just Wingin It, a chicken wings place right on the northeast corner. They said they were filming a Discovery Channel TV show called Construction Intervention, a renovation show that will be hosted by Charlie Frattini, a project executive for Muss Brooklyn Development Corp. Good for Just Wingin It. I always wondered what was up with that place!
According to one of the workers on site, the show will air this coming March. That sounds realistic given the renovation has to be completed within four days for each project! Sounds like an interesting show. HarlemCondoLife will be sure to watch!


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  1. I started with netflix only a couple of weeks ago. I must say that construction intervention is my favorite show, If it is reality of what Charlie accomplishes in just four days, then I salute him. I wish I could leave a legacy like that. I love the remodeling business, being a contractor myself. Being a Tv show , I just hope it is real and he really helps people. if so, he is a hero and I applaud him. I only wish that I could do the same for people that are in need of direction to begin thier business.

  2. charlie wasn’t the only one that stole from muss.
    there were alot of hands in it,i also no this for a fact,my hubby worked at sky view park.all the guys starting with cap all should be charged not only charlie.muss was screwed over by all .even they stole scraps and added extra hrs on their weekly pay .so lets not only blame charlie for all of this.

  3. charlie wasn’t the only one that stole from muss.
    there were alot of hands in it,i also no this for a fact,my hubby worked at sky view park.all the guys starting with cap all should be charged not only charlie.muss was screwed over by all .even they stole scraps abd added extra hrs on their weekly pay .so lets not only blame charlie for all of this.

  4. Its amazing to me how this guy gets the respect from the Tradesmen. I own a General Contracting business in NW Montana, and have done so for the last 7 years. I am 26 years old and look up to those in the Trades with the upmost respect. Parts of me wonder if Charlie just shows this attitude to spice up the show, but I can tell you one thing, If he tried to run a project like that here, he would be run out in a real hurry. I would never tell him how to do his job, just really surprised how methods and process vary geographicly. How the moral stays up to stay driven to work for a guy like that I will never know. As a fan of the concept of the show, I think the producers should consider the fact that they may lose viewers based off Charlies actions alone. Just my opinion.

  5. We do not charge our client any money to come live here and recieve substance abuse treatment. We are a non profit and our men’s main residential facility is in dire need of a make over. I don’t have a lot of money so we make due with bare essentials. The industrial kitchen equipment is very old and not efficiant. This is a small example of the things we need. I know this probably has a snow ball’s chance in ****, but what the heck. Its worth a shot.
    William Faulkner, CSAC
    Facility Manager
    Recovery Ventures
    904 Davistown Rd
    Old Fort NC 28762

  6. charlie should of had a intervention on his job at skyview parc. His crew was all geeked up.

  7. Hey “FRESNO CALI ” or should I call you Richie, you guys can pose fans of Frattini’s show online but remember many people in the industry know you guys and the hobos you really are. Don’t try to fool all the people. Cool, you all work for free on a gig that might make you celebrities but remember that when this show gains popularity REAL tradesmen will be joining Charlie, and they will be getting PAID!

  8. I think that any body has the time and puts effort into helping people no matter what the circumstances are! those are good people. you cant dog nobody if you have not gone out of your way to help other people. as for what ever reason or how Charlie gets the job done thats called hustling you need to hustle to get it going It doesnt knock on your door you go find the doors to knock on. if you know somebody that knows somebody there you go thats fantastic I applaud all these people who are on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL They have guts and are not at home sitting on there ass waiting for some one to support them.YOU GO BOYS!!!!!!!

  9. There is a billion dolalr project in Flushing that is desperate for help. CHARLIE PLEASE GO HELP !!!

  10. Dear disgusted…the Owners were deserving of the intervention and the work they had to complete was not in the scope of work agreed to by the Construction Intervention team. The Owners had to complete weeks of their own construction as agreed in the contract….but let’s face it they had an eyesore on that corner which is now gone.

  11. This group recently tried a renovation on Staten Island. Unfortunately, they really didn’t look into the project they picked. This was not a beloved neighborhood business fallen on hard times as “Construction Intervention” presents this project. We ended up with a nightclub on the corner of a residential block. The work crew that came in were so rude to everyone in this neighborhood. The owners were still working for weeks after just to open this nightmare. It really is unfortunate because it is a good idea gone horribly wrong.


  13. What can you expect from Tishman….the only way he looks good is by knocking those who KNOW what they’re doing……and Tishman is a great game player, be careful Muss, the devil lies amongst those you work with!

  14. obviously you dont know what you are talking about. his father was a photographer for the daily news a long time ago and as far as the project : i t did not get done because muss has a lousy estimating dept for the cost of the project and ran out of money. not to mention tishman has found a cozy home on the project to exploit everyone tripling the cost of the completion.

  15. charlie frattini screwed over Muss development, and never got that job done. he just put that job in debt. the new people at Muss development, meaning Tishman is still looking for 25 million dollars?? The only reason Charlie Frattini got on Discovery Channel is his fater is a phoyographer for the channel.

  16. While I’m happy about this, construction alone will not save this place. The owners at Just Wingin’ It are super nice and friendly however the service is very slow and of the three times we’ve been there, they’ve always run out of one ingredient, condiment or something else. Also, their business hours were very limited. I do wish them luck and encourage them to find a new business plan if they haven’t already,

  17. Your welcome. Once the renovation is complete, I assume the place will open again. If so, that block will be almost all new: a new Starbucks, Chase Bank and soon Best Yet. Nice!

  18. thanks for the info, I was scratching my head when I walked by there last night! Obviously some filming going on, but real construction too. Looked like a whole of ventilation duct work getting installed.

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