The Douglass

By HarlemGuy

A while back we posted about a new Condo called The Douglass.   The Douglass is located on 114th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.   The post generated quite the controversy on this site and on and resulted in a follow-up piece in the New York Times on which we also reported on this site.

The Condo was ready for visitors a few weeks back and I took the opportunity to check it out.   I will keep my comments brief in the spirit of getting this post out so that Sunday browsers and buyers have an opportunity to take in the neighborhood with its many new projects this coming Sunday.

Highlights – From my perspective (based on 2 and 3 bedrooms)

  • Units are spacious, well laid out and thoughtfully appointed.
  • While the building is not too tall the units have cool views, those facing FDB in particular.
  • The building has a garage with entry exit on 114th.
  • The building is apparently funded in part by Goldman Sachs; the developer seasoned and successful; the broker with whom I met professional, organized and informed.  Reminder – we are in no way affiliated with the project or related parties.
  • Quality of life and safety have improved dramatically.  Specifically there has been a recent and persistent police lock-down blocking non-residents from driving or walking across 114th between 8th and 7th Avenues.  This has been in place for at least two weeks.  Apparently there’s a concerted and sustained effort to rid the block of illegal activities that have persisted for years.

If you have the time and inclination The Douglass makes for a great destination to your Sunday (or really, any-day) real estate romps in Harlem.

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Author: HarlemGuy