Harlem's Best Yet Market is starting to look its best

By HarlemGal


The wait is over! Best Yet Market has opened its doors in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Blvd. between 118th and 119th Street. They opened up officially on February 4th. I went to take a quick look at the place today and from what I saw…the place is very nice! It has two levels so it is spacious. You almost feel like your grocery shopping in the suburbs.

From the looks and feel of the place, I will more than likely enjoy shopping at Best Yet in Harlem. It is not far from the B and the C subway line on 116th Street. The prices did not appear to be that much different from C Town or Central Market. They have a sizable coffee bar that will compete with you know who right next door? And Best Yet will have several cold and hot food bars, which is perfect for us Harlemites who are on the go and want more food options close to home.

If you have checked out Best Yet in Harlem, tell us what you think so far!




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11 Responses to Harlem's Best Yet Market is starting to look its best

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  3. Clark Pena says:

    We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our new Best Yet Market in Harlem
    2187 Frederick Douglas Blvd.
    118 Street-119 Street and Frederick Douglas
    Date: March 1st 2009
    Time: 11:00 AM

  4. harlemista says:

    Boy, was this needed! No more logging miles between the Fine Fair (basics) and Citarella (fancier things) or taking cabs to Fairway. I think Best Yet is going to be a resounding success…

  5. harlemhouse says:

    Thanks to our reader who tipped us off to the opening of Best Yet last Thursday! Great pics & review Harlem Gal. I stopped in last Friday for 1 item and left with 3 bags of groceries… Great selections and reasonably priced.

  6. harlemgal says:

    I went to Best Yet over the weekend to grocery shop for a few items and it was quite delightful. My favorite area is the bread section. I purchased fresh bagels, flavored creme cheese and multi-grain bread. Yum. I stayed long in the lower level. The frozen section is gigantic. There is so much to choose from. Looking forward to going back and hopefully seeing some of my fellow neighbors there!

  7. jason kaplan says:

    This place is soooo cool. The cafe is amazing with the comfy couches and the whole store is looking good. There is so much food to buy there. I can’t wait to go back!

  8. Latoya Henry says:

    I stopped there yesterday, love it! I live a few blocks away and frequent the coffee spot on the corner to get work done… Now I can work, catch a bite and/or do groceries and make a bank run… Word!

  9. Bernie B says:

    Around the corner from me YIPEEEE!!!!!

  10. oni says:

    i’m so excited. the cafe on the mezzanine level is the best feature. the sofas up there add a nice, cozy touch. thanks for the pics!

  11. afinelyne says:

    Fabulous! I’ll go over there tomorrow.
    Thank you.
    Great pic’s, by the way.

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