UPDATE: Marcus Samuelsson will open up a restaurant in Harlem, Red Rooster is the name

By HarlemCondoLife

I am quickly learning that any move Chef Marcus Samuelsson makes it’s like hot cakes. I saw all the online chatter Wednesday (again) and a post on Twitter about Samuelsson opening up a restaurant in Harlem. As we did with our first post about this topic, we headed straight to his PR rep directly to ask: is our Harlem neighbor going to be opening up a restaurant where he lives or not? Are Harlemites going to be able to enjoy his culinary expertise uptown, instead of downtown? The answer is ….a big YES! The new restaurant will be named Red Rooster and his goal is to open this place in 2010. The exact location and menu have not been decided yet, per his PR rep.

This is more good news for the restaurant scene in Harlem and a milestone for Samuelsson. Apparently, he has lived in Harlem for six years now and this will be his first restaurant in Harlem. Thanks to him and several other restaurants in Harlem, we are starting to have more and more options to choose from when it comes to dining out in Harlem. My only hope now is that Samuelsson moves to open his restaurant in a timely manner. There is that old business recipe “time kills the deal.” You take too much time and …well…a lot of things can happen! Let’s hope for the best and start placing bets on where Samuelsson’s restaurant will land. Any guess?

Author: Harlem Condo Life

9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Marcus Samuelsson will open up a restaurant in Harlem, Red Rooster is the name

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  2. I think the new luxury building at 380 lenox Ave at the corner of 129th St, it would be a smart more to help improve the up and coming neighborhood, and its easy to reach from 125th st station. the space is huge…

  3. Isn’t there a W hotel opening up in Harlem? He could possibly open up a restaurant there? I also like the 111CPN location. That would have park views. Marcus, I hope your jotting down all these great guess’ on location!

  4. You R right, SixthScents – wooo – so close to me.
    Speaking of new bldgs, perhaps 111 CPN. They still have lots of ground floor space. (corner of Lenox).

  5. The ground floor of the new apartment building called The Douglass on the east side of 114 and BFD looks like it maybe could be another option.

  6. The perfect space for him is on the corner of 120th St & FDB. The old brick is a magnificent brown/red color with a low awning that goes around the corner.
    2nd choice is an interior space on the East side of FDB between 118th/119th, the frontage is all square glass like the restaurant that has yet to open near 112th (also on FDB).
    Both of these are older buildings.

  7. I’m guessing two places he could go:

    1- FDB between 116th and 123rd

    2- Lenox between 121st and 127th

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