Look who's moving to the neighborhood…

By Harlemista

Watching CNN one morning this week, I was surprised by a crawl line on the bottom of the screen: “Coyotes seen in Manhattan Harlem”. There have been 2 isolated sightings over 10 years, but in the recent weeks since New Year’s, there have been 3 sightings, from Trinity Cemetery on 155th St, to the campus of Columbia University, to Central Park.
Experts believe that they are naturally exploring new places to settle and are following train tracks, parks and riverbanks south from Westchester County. They also say coyotes are quite adaptable and can probably easily acclimate to the Manhattan landscape.

Harlem’s becoming more and more popular with everyone.


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3 Responses to Look who's moving to the neighborhood…

  1. mullin1147 says:

    We also have bald eagles spotted in Harlem last week. Check out the special wildlife post on St. Nicholas Park website.


  2. chezshea7 says:

    Maybe they’re just looking for a good jazz club.

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