Harlem’s local gems

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
While Best Yet Market celebrates its grand opening March 5, HarlemCondoLife would like to echo the words that one of our readers left on our site: “don’t forget about the local gems that were here before [Best Yet].”  Those comments are smack right on! We must continue to support all of our local businesses.


There are several places of business close to our new supermarket that offer excellent products. HCL agrees with our reader that Harlem’s Patisserie Des Ambassades, located right across the street from Best Yet, offers delicious breads and pastries. I have purchased baguette’s at Les Ambassades before and they are absolutely delicious. Go purchase bread there. It is very good! And their pastries are scrumptious as well. There are a wide variety of pastries to choose from at Les Ambassades, such as fruit tarts, danishes, tiramisu, creme brulee and more. The food is darn tastie as well. But I won’t elaborate about the food just yet. Stay tune for a restaurant review by a HCL blogger.


As for other places close by that offer excellent desserts and bread rolls is Lee Lee’s Baked Goods and a few blocks east  on 116th and St. Nicholas is Make My Cake.

We encourage you to visit Lee Lee’s, Make My Cake and Les Ambassades. They won’t disappoint. Take our word for it!

Patisserie Des Ambassades
2200 8th Ave
(between 118th St & 119th St)
New York, NY 10026
(212) 666-0078

Lee Lee’s Baked Goods
283 W 118th Street close to FDB
New York, NY 10026
(917) 493-6633

Make My Cake
121 St. Nicholas Ave (at 116th St.)
(212) 932.0833


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6 thoughts on “Harlem’s local gems

  1. Exactly my thoughts…and all the supermarkets that stuck it out through good and bad and still have everything i need..including all types of baby food, diapers and less frozen more grocery. I hate having to buy something one place and go to a next place for something else when i am at a supermarket..as fresh as they claim the fruits and vegetables are..it sure costs enough..

  2. Jeffery,
    We will not forget. I believe you are talking about Tonnies. I have gone there and I am getting ready to post something soon!

    Thanks for reminding us. Much appreciated!


  3. Don’t forget about the new bakery on Lenox at 120th. Not sure of the name, but they have cupcakes and cakes. Mini-cupcakes is their leg up against Make My Cake, which is nonetheless a Harlem institution.

  4. Patisserie Des Ambassades is one of my favorite restaurants in our hood! The food is excellent and they are opened way past midnight which is convenient for Musicians hours. Very good point Harlem Gal… I will try their bakery as well I always usually just eat dinner there.

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