Chinese Restaurant on FDB between 116th and 117th

By HarlemHouse

This Photo and info just sent in to us at HCL by a reader.  I quote:

“The shuffle of businesses continues on the east side of FDB between 116 and 117! Looks like a Chinese restaurant is slated to fill the spot left by the dry cleaner’s move to the ex-Winery location.”

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Thank you for the tip!


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7 Responses to Chinese Restaurant on FDB between 116th and 117th

  1. oni says:

    I agree with Joe. Would love a Thai restaurant here in the nabe so I don’t have to trek Thai Market.

  2. zLister says:

    Yawn. Was hoping for something a little bit more exciting and new 🙁

  3. Ronringo says:

    A Wendy’s is slated to upon right next to the half demolished Corn Exchange building on 125th Street & Park Avenue.

  4. Joe says:

    When will the Thai restaurants that have multiplied from Hell’s Kitchen up the Upper West Side and into Morningside Heights finally make an appearance in Harlem?

  5. afinelyne says:

    Wendy’s – Taco Bell??? What R you thinking?? LOL
    Seriously, I heard a Wendy’s will be opening on 125th St. I don’t know exactly where but it will be within our area.

  6. LooneyLark says:

    oh no, watch out Dragon!
    Can we get a Wendy’s or Taco Bell soon?

  7. afinelyne says:

    If it’s good, this would be really nice.
    We are getting quite a line-up of great places to eat on FDB. I wonder what’s happening with the restaurant between112th/113th. Tables & chairs are in – but nothing much is going on there.

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