Bead for life in Harlem anyone?

By HarlemGuy

As I rode the subway to work this morning reading the Times on my iPhone, I came across an article about an organization called Beadforlife.   It helps poor Ugandan women leverage their beading skills to rise out of poverty. 

The history behind the organization is fascinating.  But what really got my attention was the organization’s innovative pairing of two traditions to create something truly transformational:  African beads and the American Tupperware party.  They call it a “bead party” (read more about them – and how to throw one).

That got me thinking.  Has anyone in Harlem ever heard of this organization?  Hosted a beadparty?  Or be interested in hosting one?   What impact has such a party had on residents of Harlem and their families wherever they may live?   What can we learn about being equally innovative in exploring sustainable ways to continually meet the persistent needs of our community more directly??

We would love to hear from you on any of the above, and to be part of the story. 

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Author: HarlemGuy

2 thoughts on “Bead for life in Harlem anyone?

  1. I saw a small story on the organization in Vanity Fair magazine a couple of years ago–bought a bunch of strands and gave them to friends for Christmas presents…very popular. Very much worth it.

  2. I’ve had these beads for a few years now. The beads are really made out of colored paper – and quite nice. With the sale of these beads the women are able to feed & house their families. I’ve never been to a beadforlife party. I bought mine on-line from their website.

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