Free Reading of "Father's Day" Next Saturday

By NativeNewYorker

I was surprised to learn that April is “Child Abuse Prevention Month”; how sad that we need to have such a month!  Still, the purpose is a worthy one – to raise public awareness and provide education to end child abuse.  As part of “Child Abuse Month” there will be a reading of Yvette Heyliger’s play, Father’s Day, at the 115th Street Libraryon Saturday, April 24th at 2pm.  I saw a reading of this play a few years ago – it is not light entertainment.  But it is a powerful look at one family’s tragedy.  Following the reading, there will be a discussion with the playwright, Yvette Heyliger, and a counselor from the St. Lukes-Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Center.

Yvette Heyliger is a playwright, director, and producing artist who lives and writes here in Harlem.  Her other works include: What Would Jesus Do? (a powerful intergenerational play about HIV/AIDS in the

Yvette Heyliger, Playwright & Director

African American Community), Hillary and Monica: The Winter of Her Discontent (a witty and poignant account of a fictional meeting between the former first lady and the infamous intern); and Autobiography of a Homegirl (a powerful, provocative comedy-drama about race, color, beauty and self-esteem). 

Yvette Heyliger and her twin sister, Yvonne Farrow, are the founders of TWINBIZ, a production company that creates and produces original projects for stage, television and film which educate, entertain and serve.   The reading of “Father’s Day” is free, open to the public, and wheelchair accessible:

Saturday, April 24th at 2pm

115th Street Public Library

203 West 115th Street (at Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.)

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