Grab a Bite at El Aguila in Spanish Harlem

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By Icare4Harlem

When I first moved into Harlem, I remember surfacing from the No. 6 train station on 116th St. and noticed a “Hershey’s Ice Cream” store sign.  I must admit that I never stopped in but it wasn’t long before the store closed.  Then a hot dog eatery moved in, only to succumb to the high risks associated with the food industry.  In mid 2009, a new restaurant appeared and I’m pleased to say that the business is coming around to the one year mark.

Initially, when they opened, I had passed by many times and finally decided to give it a try.  I ordered two soft shell tacos which turned out to be perfect for a quick snack and very affordable.

Fast forward……After working late one night and too tired to cook, I wondered if anything had changed since my first visit.  I can happily report that business was busy, lively music abounded, and my tostadas hit the spot!  It was a pleasure to see the mixture of people patronizing this restaurant.  In my opinion, food is a universal bond that opens the doors to other cultures.

El Aguila is located at 137 E. 116 St. (NW corner of Lexington and 116th St.)  It is opened 24 hours and serves a variety of Mexican dishes.  You can order single items or full plates.  Fresh juices in large glass vats provide a refreshing relief from those hot summer days.  There are also pastries and desserts to compliment your meal.  If you’re unfamiliar with some of the dishes on the menu, don’t worry, the staff will readily assist you.

I’m always delighted to see a business succeed, especially in these times.  Running a restaurant is an additional challenge.  So hats off to El Aguila as you approach your first milestone!

137 E. 116 St., NY 10029


Author: Icare4Harlem

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