Two Harlemites set to launch Harlem Delivers

By HarlemGal
Michael Leopold and Steve Friedson, who reside in Harlem and have been for five years, were brainstorming one day about how they would like to have an abundance of food delivery options in Harlem right at their finger tips. Leopold and Friedson love their Harlem community they live in, however, they feel there is limited food delivery options in the area. After wishing and brainstorming further, they decided to put those thoughts into action. The result, a service called Harlem Delivers. Harlem Delivers is exactly just that, a delivery service that will bring food to Harlem residents only from outside food vendors. Leopold, a co-founder, tells HarlemCondoLife that they already have six Upper Westside food establishments that have signed on the dotted line to deliver their food products to Harlemites. They are: Soy y Sombra, a Spanish restaurant, Gabriela’s, offers Mexican, Earthen Over, serves Indian, Bodrum offer Turkish cuisine, Fusha West, and Blossum, which is no meat and Kosher.
But don’t start dialing up to order some dinner just yet. Harlem Delivers plans to open at the end of June, if they have all the staff power in place, and they are only offering the initial service to a targeted area, which will be from 145th Street to 149th from Frederick Douglass Blvd to Edgecomb Avenue. Once the business is launched and they have this particular area fully serviced, Harlem Delivers hopes to expand the business and service throughout Harlem. “Our strategy will be similar to a business like Fresh Direct. They expanded zip code by zip code,” said Leopold.
I asked about where local businesses/restaurant establishments fit in their business strategy and Harlem Delivers plans to work in partnership with them as well. Leopold said they already have one local business that is interested! So sit tight hombres, all of us in Harlem may soon get to order food delivery from wherever and whenever!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

5 thoughts on “Two Harlemites set to launch Harlem Delivers

  1. It would be amazing to have fresh bagels up here. I just wish a bagel shop would open on Lenox around 125th St and the same for Tasti d lite.. Then Harlem would be in the loop..

  2. Tasti d-lite would be a challenge even if we were delivering from 3 blocks away. However, because we are using heated delivery bags which keep the food warming at betw 160-175 degrees, the bagels would be a snap.

  3. How will the bagels be fresh and hot when they’re being delivered from outside the Harlem boundaries?

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