Marcus Samuelsson wins Top Chef Masters

By HarlemGal
HarlemCondoLife would like to congratulate Marcus Samuelsson, celebrity chef, owner of the up and coming Red Rooster and Harlem resident, for winning Bravo TV’s Top Chef Masters. Way to go Marcus!

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8 Responses to Marcus Samuelsson wins Top Chef Masters

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  2. Razzor says:

    Preview night is Nov 2nd….so they probably open around 3 week after Nov 22nd or Nov 29th

  3. anon says:

    sometime in the fall

  4. RhythmDB says:

    Very excited to try his new restaurant.. Any idea on when it’s opening?

  5. Tim says:

    Its ok guys – I watched last night anyway – glad to see him win which will in turn garner more press for the neighborhood!

  6. harlemista says:

    Sorry Tim, I was very excited–especially because he’s representing his future Harlem venture Red Rooster on the show…

  7. harlemgal says:

    @Tim so sorry. Harlemista, our fellow blogger, alerted me to this late last night. I was filled with excitment and couldn’t resist telling our readers. Next time I will put “spoiler alert, turn the other way.” Hope you still watch the show tonight!!! Thanks for the comment!

  8. Tim says:

    Arghhh … I DVR’ed it for tonight but the e-mail gave away the winner …. I am thrilled that Marcus won … not so thrilled about the spoiler e-mail from HCL.

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