Strictly Roots: Great Laid Back Harlem Restaurant

by HarlemOnaBudget

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For those who don’t know Strictly Roots, I highly advise visiting. It is a small and simple venue, easily overlooked if you don’t know it’s there. The atmosphere is laid back and beautiful in its neighborhood feel. Nice as a quick/casual lunch or dinner for everybody, the restaurant is also a must see for vegetarians. Their Vegetarian/Vegan menu has plenty of interesting & healthy options including smoothies, ginger beer, tofu tempura, and veggie salmon.

Pic from “Yelp Eats!”

In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, Strictly Roots provides a friendly staff and the price is right, dishes range from $9 – $15 a plate. It is also BYOB. No reservations necessary.

Strictly Roots Inc
2058 7th Ave
New York, NY, 10027
(212) 864 – 8699
Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Price: $9 – $15


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  1. So many people lately have been asking if we have a vegetarian/vegan restaurant here in Harlem – and this one looks like it’s right around 123rd Street! I’m married to a vegetarian – must give this a try. Thank you.

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