Need a place to brunch in Harlem? Try Il Caffe Latte

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
On Twitter, we are sometimes asked “where should I go for brunch in Harlem?” We provide several options in our tweets. However, at the top of HarlemGal’s list I respond with “go to Il Caffe Latte at 189 Lenox Avenue.” It’s located between 119th and 120th Street on Lenox Ave, also known as Malcolm X Blvd.
The reason why I like this place so much is because it feels like I am going to family home for breakfast. It’s not big and it’s not small. It’s comfortable. When you approach Il Caffe Latte it has a wide store front with a giant squared window. That setting alone is inviting. It allows you to immediately peak in at a distance from the sidewalk. From there, you can see in and what you’ll discover are plenty of people inside enjoying themselves.
I went on a Saturday afternoon before three and ordered the Make Your Own Omelette with salad, along with multi-grain toast and iced coffee. It was absolutely the best cause the omelette was nice, big and fluffy stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and cheese. Yum! And the toast was authentic multi-grain bread with real butter, not margarine. Sometimes you can go to a restaurant and the bread is lacking. Not here, I liked my grained bread at Il Caffe Latte. And to top it all off, the iced coffee was served in a well-sized shake glass. I believe it was a pint size. So I had plenty to quench my thirst and stock up on the caffeine. Oh…and another wonderful attribute of Il Caffe Latte, I only spent about $13 dollars. Not bad for an enjoyable brunch in Harlem.

So if your asking that familiar question “where should I go for brunch in Harlem?” Try Il Caffe Latte in Harlem. But go early cause when I went to this place it was busy right up until the end of brunch, which is around three o’clock. People kept coming in and out. That was the only downside, which is manageable!

See you at brunch in Harlem.

Il Caffe Latte
189 Lenox Ave.
(between 119th St & 120th St)
New York, NY 10026
(212) 222-2241

Author: Harlem Condo Life

5 thoughts on “Need a place to brunch in Harlem? Try Il Caffe Latte

  1. Harlem establishments are notorious for bad service. I can’t tell if it comes from poor training, bad management or lack of skills. A couple of notable exceptions are Zoma (they have been top notch from day 1) and Lolita’s and Native (who started a bit shaky but matured into fine places). I want to try this place and see for myself.

  2. @Ellen. So sorry to hear your experience at Il Caffe Latte was not well. I have been there twice and the service seemed fine. However, others could have experienced what you experienced. Hopefully the owner is reading and listening to feedback both positive and negative!

  3. SO this is an adorableplace, but the help is awful and not very fast, and they do not bother to go out of their way to help or make things pleasant and special. This could be a charm and a fabulous addiction to the neighborhood, but I doubt I will go back..

  4. Wow this looks good thanks for the info HarlemGal. A friend of mine lives right across from here and she hasn’t tried it yet. I’ll pass along the info…

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