Swing by in Harlem to get your ‘I love Harlem’ t-shirt

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
A few weeks ago I was enjoying a nice evening at Mojo in Harlem during their reverse happy hour. I noticed the wait staff had on these attractive t-shirts that said ‘I love Harlem.’ I quickly asked: where can I get that t-shirt? The person told me to go by Swing, the concept store located at 1960 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. right on the corner of 118th Street. So I did just that! I quickly bought two!
I really wanted this t-shirt because it’s light weight, comes in cool colors and the words ‘I love Harlem’ are spelled out in cursive. Generally, you see those touristy tees with the big red heart on them and the say New York. That’s ok, but I wanted a t-shirt that was more specific and could be used as a conversation starter. This t-shirt from Swing will do. That’s why I bought two of them at $20 each. Not bad of a price. I have purchased items at Bebenoir and N Boutique for the same amount.
If you like these ‘I love Harlem’ t-shirts like I do, hurry up to Swing in Harlem. They just got a new shipment in where they are fully stocked with both adult and children’s t-shirts. The children’s tees are $15. And Swing has a French spelling tee for children that says ‘J’adore Harlem.’ I believe that translates to ‘I adore Harlem.’ How cute is that for a child?
If there are any questions about how much ‘I love Harlem,’ I will now point to my new tee!

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6 thoughts on “Swing by in Harlem to get your ‘I love Harlem’ t-shirt

  1. Are your shirts available to purchase online?? I am from Miami, but I really love the vibe of of your shirts. I would also love to see more pics of Harlem, the art, the stores, the restaurants, and the people posted on your site. Thanks.

  2. @Andrew. You’re welcome. And sorry to hear you did not have any luck finding a t-shirt that says Harlem on it. Definitely swing by Swing to get your tee! Thanks for stopping here to comment!

  3. hey thanks for putting up this article! i walked all along 125th today looking for any kind of shirt that had harlem on it and i couldn’t find any worth buying. i saw a few in pathmark but i didn’t like them. i’m definitely gonna check out that store in the near future

  4. The shirts are sooo cute. Can’t wait to wear mine! I forgot to point out that the French spelling tees are in cursive. The others are in a arial type font!

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