Frizzante in Harlem closed for couple of days

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
Over the weekend a reader asked HarlemCondoLife “what’s up with Frizzante in Harlem? The doors have been shut for a few days?” I wondered the same thing!
I made a few calls and here’s the latest! Frizzante, located at 2168 Frederick Blvd., is NOT closed for good. They are fixing a few repairs according to a source from Meridiana, an Italian restaurant on the Upper Westside and the same owners of Frizzante. They hope to reopen in a couple of days!
Whew! Glad to gear it! I love the food at Frizzante and their Happy Hour is good as well! Hope to go back soon once they reopen!

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4 Responses to Frizzante in Harlem closed for couple of days

  1. tero says:

    the lights were on recently and looks like some construction was happening in the back.

  2. LuLu says:

    The owner also same as Pinocchio 10 Waverly pl, New York.
    That restaurant was awful.

  3. harlemgal says:

    @Slb. I agree. They probably should have put a sign on their door. Not doing so raised immediate questions. However, we have some idea now on what’s up!

  4. Slb says:

    That’s good to know.

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