Bright holiday lights accessorize Harlem’s 125th Street

By HarlemCondoLife
We walked along 125th Street last night to see the holidays lights in Harlem, which are now on and hanging from East to West!
The hanging holiday lights on 125th Street look wonderful and are different depending on which part of the street you’re walking. We noticed snowflakes hang from Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and 125th on heading West. Then from ACP Blvd and 125th on heading East stars lining the street! Did anyone else notice this?
We also encountered a special treat when walking along 125th Street in Harlem last night, FREE hot chocolate from Starbucks! They were giving free cups of hot chocolate out to those that were passing by looking at lights! Nice!
So have you seen the “Holiday Lights on 125?” If so, tell us what you think!

Author: Harlem Condo Life