A Chance Encounter With The View’s Sherri Shepherd in Harlem

Sherri Shepherd

By HarlemGuy                                                                                                                             There are many things I love about Harlem.  One of them is that it can still feel miles away, undiscovered, private.  Which is why I was so thrilled to run into The Views’ Sherri Shepherd  on a recent Sunday afternoon in one of my favorite Harlem Parks.

As it turns out we both have a family member in common, so I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

She engaged me in conversation cordially and could not have been nicer.  In all fairness, I was a bit nervous, but we exchanged briefly that we both live in the area and mentioned a couple favorite restaurants, Melba’s, being one of them.

You never know who you will run into in Harlem.  It was nice to see Sherri relaxing with her family in our beloved neighborhood.

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