On Display Now…

We’ve all seen unruly customers in stores, but the CVS on Lenox and 116th had its hands full last week when a wild squirrel bumrushed the door and made himself at home for a few days, dining straight off the shelves and eluding capture.

According to a DNAinfo interview:   “He got in Monday at 7:15 a.m. — he just walked like a customer into the store. We tried to go after him and he was dodging and weaving,” said a store staffer. “Today we came in and there were nuts all over the floor.

On Thursday morning he somehow got caught in the front window and was on display to the surprise and delight of passersby.

The police were notified and about 2 hours later, the squirrel was corralled into a cardboard box and transferred to a waiting cage outside, final destination unknown. (hopefully he was dropped off a few blocks away in Central Park).
Author: tharealharlemista