220 Saint Nicholas Avenue – Stalled Project in Harlem – Now Rentals?

We continue to wait to see what will happen with 220 Saint Nicholas.  It has been over 2 years now with little if no activity.  Does anyone know what is the latest status on this project?  It is starting to look a little shabby and abandoned.  The architectural plans looked interesting and the website is still up marketing it as a boutique luxury condominium.  It is probably something to do with finances but I do not know for sure.

Harlem Bespoke and several other Blogs have written about it in the past but we all seem to be asking the same question.  If anyone knows about this condominium property please share  with us what you know.

Hopefully something is getting resolved as I write about this.

(UPDATES BELOW:  Read Comments – Will Now Be Rentals)

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21 thoughts on “220 Saint Nicholas Avenue – Stalled Project in Harlem – Now Rentals?

  1. I will @Anany the rentals are going to be quite nice, although personally I wish it was still going to be condos instead of rentals.

    Interesting that you should bring up 110th street gas station lot property. The rumor (word on the street) is that they are on final contract stages and negotiations for a Harlem developer. I will have confirmation on this in December/ early January. We (HarlemCondoLife) are watching this development VERY CLOSELY and as soon as we have the confirmation from our source, we’ll let you know. That being said, it is pretty certain that new construction for a 150 to 400 unit condominium complex will be breaking ground in 2012.
    YES!! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Stay tuned for official confirmation on this developing story.

  2. Great! Take pictures please and I look forward to your post.
    P.S. Whats going on with the gas station lot property? 110th St & FDB.
    Any new news?

  3. Ha.. No Anony, that wasn’t me. A lot of folks get confused by that. She is a solo blogger her name is “HarlemGal” but she has a similar Twitter account to ours. Long story 🙂 But in answer to your question, yes 220 Saint Nicholas is scheduled to be up & running in 2013. I’ve scheduled a walk through with my good real estate friend for January. So stay tuned and thank you so much for reading Harlem Condo Life!

  4. Yes I read about that yesterday it should be completed they say by 2013. Looks nice! Wish I could afford it LOL. Thanks as always for keeping us informed HH!

  5. Thanks for the update. As I remember from two years ago, the units had very unusual layouts with great views. It would be wonderful if the building could get back on its feet. And yes, hopefully it will not go rental.

  6. This building was foreclosed on with a lot of unpaid contractors liens on it. It should be fixed soon.Hoping it will not go rental, home ownership builds neighborhoods

  7. I walk by there on my way home at night sometimes and I hear music playing behind the plywood and scaffolding…I’m guessing it’s a security guard, but sometimes I’m convinced it’s an underground club that I’m not invited to..

  8. Here is the real estate agent I met 2 years ago: Elaine Perry of Perry Associates. She was very nice. I am sorry to hear that developer was so rude. Someone may want to contact Perry Associates and get an update.

  9. Wow interesting. Thanks for sharing your comment / experience with us. A friend I spoke with yesterday that lives a couple blocks from there didn’t get any information either. She said she heard music playing when walking by the other day and there was a security guard sitting at the entrance watching over the place. She asked him what the status was with the building but only got an “I don’t know” answer.

  10. Well…I’ve been looking in the neighborhood for a while, but never really thought about the building until last week as I wasn’t considering a building that was still under construction, but I do like the way it looks. I didn’t know the project was on hold, but I took down the address and called Piper-Cadmium this morning to inquire about completion dates, availability, etc. I got a guy named ‘Kyle’ on the phone who acted both defensive and even angry when I asked about the building…”Who are you?!!”, he said, with a really snotty tone in his voice. I explained that I had been looking apartments in the area and thought the building looked kinda cool and was simply interested in finding out more…the line was dead…oh, he was there, but he just didn’t say a word. I asked if I had the right number, was this Piper-Cadmium? “Oh yes, that’s me…but I have nothing to do with the building any more!”, again, with extra attitude tossed in to let me know how put out he was that I called. Still trying to get whatever info I could I asked if he knew of the status of the building, to which he said it wasn’t his problem, somebody else was going to finish it and ‘rent’ it. I said I only called because his website lists 220 St. Nicholas Avenue as one of his developments ( http://www.pipercadmium.com/developments ) but he cut me off and said, even bitchier than before, “Well…I guess I’ll have to update that then!”.

    What a douche! With rocket scientists like this in the land development game, no wonder projects go under!

  11. I saw the model units two years ago and they were beautiful. I am sure development has been stalled due to lack of financing. I would be cautiously optimistic since inventory remains low and the area is in high demand.

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