Dinner And Debates At Harlem Food Bar

Harlem Food Bar has reached out to Harlem Condo Life to help spread the word that they will be showing all three Presidential Debates this month.  The fun begins this Wednesday, October 3rd at 9PM.  Soon to follow they will host the Second and Third Debate scheduled for 10/16 and 10/22.  This is a fantastic idea and I’m sure other spots in Harlem will join in.

A suggestion since the debates do not start until 9PM is that you might want to have dinner at Harlem Food Bar beforehand.  The owners are in the process of spicing up their fall menu which we will be blogging about later this week.  If you have not tried the food at HFB yet then you should definitely plan an evening their this Wednesday for Dinner and Debates!  I imagine it will be an interesting viewing audience.  Check out their website below and a previous review by HCL.

So stop by this Wednesday night and visit the friendly staff (and owners) of HFB and watch the debate.  Remember your vote is very important!  Every vote counts.  If you have not registered yet, please make sure you register to vote.

Harlem Food Bar will also be having an Election Night Party on Tuesday, November 6th.  More information coming soon.

You can  follow HFB on facebook and twitter.  For more information check out their website HarlemFoodBar

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2 thoughts on “Dinner And Debates At Harlem Food Bar

  1. Thank you to HCL for the post. We have our speakers fully running and waiting for the debates tonight. This is going to be the game changer we have all been looking for. Thanks to all.

  2. Might need several drinks if Romney starts getting on my nerves. President Obama better bring his A Game!

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