Harlem Pop-Up: A Great October Evening In Harlem

Harlem Pop-Up

We had the pleasure of attending Harlem Pop-Up green market on 115th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard last month. Local and regional vendors shared and sold a variety of fresh produce, prepared foods and drinks at New York City’s first night time Farmers Market.

Everyone mingled while Live Music (an excellent jazz band) played throughout the night (See VIDEO below). The evening was successful as evidenced by the strong turn out and by the fact that vendors were pretty much out of everything by 8:30 pm.

This was slated as a once in a year evening event. We have been wanting to post about this since October 11th. The reason we are posting it now is because it was truly special and we would like to see it become a regular warm weather event on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and in particular in Southwest Harlem.

Comment on this story if you would like to see more of this event. Also “Band, who are you?”

Harlem Pop-Up


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  1. The band was awesome. I’m sorry I Don’t know their name either but i agree they were really good. They might be the band that performs on Wednesdays at Harlem Tavern? I hope they do Harlem Pop Up again in March

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