Word on the street: familiar Harlem bodega closing

One of the long standing bodegas on Harlem’s Restaurant Row on 8th Ave and 114th st. will close in March due to rising rents.

The bodega was often a lifesaver for us.

We will miss them.

Best of luck.

4 thoughts on “Word on the street: familiar Harlem bodega closing”

  1. I don’t know about all that. All I know is the owner treated me with respect, and I treated him with respect. #HarlemGuy

  2. didn’t see anything like that there in the last couple years.
    The place next to it is vacant. I wonder if a business will come in and combine both store fronts? With Melbas right across the street would be a good place for another restaurant or a CVS.

  3. This place is a frequent post up point, dice games, and has been fined in the past for selling drug paraphernalia for crack / cocaine- I won’t miss it.

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