Wine is back at 2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd

Out of the ashes of the FDB wineshop pioneer Harlem Vintage comes…….. Vintage Harlem. Under new ownership and new management, the warm, woody structure of the store hasn’t changed, but now there’s an expanded spirits section, more easily recognizable wines and a traditional merchandising-by-region setup.

The soft opening is now, and we look forward to discovering and definitely supporting the new Vintage Harlem.  Don’t forget to drop by, and check it out.





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5 Responses to Wine is back at 2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd

  1. Yes, it is under new ownership and new management (see above)
    As for the prices it’s yet to be determined.

  2. Marisol Mendez says:

    I think it is different owners now so hopefully they will have better selection and better prices. Where is Astor?

  3. Ms. Harlem says:

    And hopefully w/ a more sustainable model because I don’t want to see them leave again!

  4. cjames says:

    If only the spirits didn’t cost 30-50% more than they should. I desperately want to support local businesses but it’s hard when I can save sooo much ordering from Astor.

  5. harlemhouse says:

    Thanks for the info Harlemista! I look forward to stopping by #VintageHarlem this weekend.

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