(NEW) City Cafe opens in Harlem

City Cafe is now open on the corner of 125 and Amsterdam.  If I recall the location used to house a famous soul food diner.  From 125th Street to 110th Street all along Amsterdam has a wide range of restaurants such as Kitchenette along with Max Soha.

All of the businesses and restaurants do quite well along this busy strip filled with Columbia University students and faculty.  Kitchenette continues to be one of our favorite breakfast / brunch places here at HarlemCondoLife with incredible breakfast cuisine and delicious baked goods.  Expect a 10 to 30 minute wait on weekends for this popular Harlem restaurant.

Swing by City Cafe, say hello and welcome them.

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5 Responses to (NEW) City Cafe opens in Harlem

  1. joe rog says:

    Does anyone have the phone number for this establishment?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The soulfood diner was the next block. I miss M&Gs it was there for years

  3. ellen resnick says:

    Sounds great we will try and swing by

  4. Ahh that’s right, and the Soul Food Diner M&Gs was on the corner of 125 & Morninside

  5. Linda Johnson says:

    It was actually a diner there for a number of years. I lived up the street from there back in the late 90’s.

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