Papers are up on the windows and work is in progress – Cafe 2115


Walking through the neighborhood the other day on my way to work I noticed a local Harlem Cafe featuring African fare is closed.  Located at 2115 Frederick  Douglass Blvd.,”Cafe 2115″ tucked in-between Maharaja Palace and the Laundromat  has always been brightly lit with a flow of customers. I’ve only eaten their a few times in the couple plus years they have been opened. Here is a link to the not-so-positive Yelp reviews.   I dialed the telephone number and it is disconnected.  Papers are now up on the windows and work is in progress…

Cafe 2115 & Juice Bar on FDB

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  1. A real treasure is being lost. Reviews are correct however true foodies knew the value of and quality of this place. I have eaten literally all over the world and this place was a gem. It was def not for everyone. The fresh daily steam table delights were the only place to order from.

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