Where to Volunteer in NYC This Summer

by Nicole Levy — </div>
Feeling despondent about the state of humanity? We have some ways you can strengthen your community. <div> <img src=”https://assets.dnainfo.com/generated/photo/2016/06/volunteer-opportunities-1466003413.jpg/large.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″></div> In the wake of tragedies as tremendous in scope as the Orlando massacre, many Americans react by looking for ways to contribute to their local communities as a way of bringing more positivity into the world. The morning after the most significant terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9/11, hundreds of Central Floridians lined up outside the blood center nearest the hospital where the victims were taken, waiting hours for their turn to donate. Beyond Orlando, civilians can contribute to relief funds and champion activist causes. For New Yorkers who want to extend the spirit of giving forward into the next few months, among their own neighborhoods, we have some ideas:  If you want to work with kids… …in Manhattan, help young refugees strengthen their English language skills, community ties and confidence as part of a team of volunteer artists leading creative arts classes at the six-week Refugee Youth Summer Academy. Classes will be held at the Muray Bergtraum High School at 411 Pearl Street in Civic Center. …in…

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