September 2017

Kara Walker Is Tired of Talking. But Her Canvases Scream.

Kara Walker Is Tired of Talking. But Her Canvases Scream. Kara Walker has had enough. Since her 1994 New York debut, at just 24 years old, at the Drawing Center, she and her artworks have been hailed as “exquisite” “skillful”… Continue Reading →

Park in Harlem renamed for retiring Assemblyman Herman ‘Denny’ Farrell

Riverbank State Park is unusual in that it sits atop a sewage treatment plant in Harlem.

Eartha Watts-Hicks And Lil Nickelson Talk The Best On The Danny Tisdale Show

Listen to Harlem author of Love Changes and Editor in Chief of Harlem World Magazine Eartha Watts-Hicks, chef and food writer at Harlem World Magazine Lil Nickelson, and host Danny Tisdale on the best podcast in Harlem, The Danny Tisdale Show, talk the best of Harlem. During… Continue Reading →

Harlem Book Fair Award Winner Brooke Obie On The Danny Tisdale Show

Join Phyllis Wheatley award winner Brooke Obie at the Harlem Book Festival 2017, and Danny Tisdale host of the best show in Harlem, The Danny Tisdale Show. They discuss Obie’s what’s it like winning the Wheatley Award 2017, what makes a great book, her inspirations, of… Continue Reading →

Mayor’s Affordable Housing Not Helping People Who Need it Most, Study Says

Just 11 percent of affordable units created by de Blasio targets earners under $30K, a report says. View Full Caption DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg MANHATTAN — With the city’s homelessness crisis unabated, housing advocates are asking why most of the units created… Continue Reading →

Can a Vending Machine Replace a Bodega? A Start-Up’s Plans Draw Fire

Can a Vending Machine Replace a Bodega? A Start-Up’s Plans Draw Fire Don’t mess with the beloved bodega. That was the overriding sentiment online on Wednesday when a start-up suggested its internet-connected vending machines would upend traditional big-city corner stores,… Continue Reading →

1, 2 and 3 Trains Suspended and Delayed by Debris at 50th Street, MTA Says

Riders should expect service disruptions and delays or take alternative routes, the MTA said. View Full Caption DNAinfo/Stephanie Keith MANHATTAN — Trains along the 1, 2 and 3 lines were disrupted throughout Manhattan during the morning rush because of debris… Continue Reading →

Organizer of Ill-Fated Pizza Fest Forced Out of Harlem Beer Event

An organizer of Bushwick’s infamous pizza festival has been fired from a limited role in Harlem’s first ever beer festival. View Full Caption Shutterstock HARLEM — The organizer of Bushwick’s ill-fated pizza festival has been forced out from a limited… Continue Reading →

Cornell Tech Opens $2 Billion, Eco-Friendly Campus on Roosevelt Island

Cornell Tech opened its new campus on Roosevelt Island on Wednesday. View Full Caption DNAInfo/Amy Zimmer ROOSEVELT ISLAND — Cornell Tech, touted as the first campus built for the digital age, officially opened its first phase Wednesday with some of… Continue Reading →

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