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Harlem’s Open-Air African Market

Photo by HarlemCondoLife
Photo by HarlemCondoLife

By NativeNewYorker

You’ve probably noticed it when you go across 116th Street – the colorful  entrance is hard to miss.  But if you’ve never gone inside, you are missing one of Harlem’s more unique experiences.  Stepping through the whimsical entrance is like making a quick visit to west Africa.  In addition to a wide selection of

Photo by HarlemCondoLife
Photo by HarlemCondoLife

traditional African garb and the inevitable T-shirts,  the merchants offer beautiful handmade jewelry, original craft items like dolls and small sculptures, and an array of natural skincare products.  For the music lover with ecclectic tastes, you can also find CDs of contemporary African music.  The prices are pretty reasonable but if you don’t like the price, feel free to bargain – the merchants seem to enjoy it.

Photo by HarlemCondoLife
Photo by HarlemCondoLife

“Malcom Shabazz ~ Harlem’s Market” is located on the southern side of West 116th  Street between Lenox and Fifth Avenues. The market is open year round,  9am to 5 pm,  7 days a week.

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New Map System Soon To Debut In Harlem

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The Department of Transportation unveiled its WalkNYC initiative, a program that will bring comprehensive pedestrian maps to all five boroughs.

The DOT enlisted the help of PentaCityGroup, a consortium of urban planners, engineers, designers, cartographers and geographical information specialists, to solve the problem. Their goal? To create an information-packed map that would orient pedestrians and help them find the gems each NYC neighborhood has to offer. The first of these new information kiosks was installed earlier this week in Chinatown (they’re already located at every Citi Bike station), and it’s expected that others will be popping up in midtown Manhattan, Long Island City in Queens and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn this summer, with more to follow in other neighborhoods next year.

Each side of the kiosk displays a map showing the streets within a five-minute walking radius and another that shows your current area in relation to a larger swath of the city. The maps are layered with information including street names, bike paths, subway lines and entrances, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and highly-detailed sketches of major landmarks.

In each of the four initial areas, DOT worked with community partners to identify, research, and observe the popular destinations, primary pedestrian routes, and key decision-making points of each neighborhood. Through careful research, DOT also located the difficult-to-navigate parts of each neighborhood, focusing on the routes between transit services, landmarks and public spaces.

This research created a detailed picture of each area, which DOT used to tailor a placement strategy. The research also forms the basis of the site location and network planning standard that will be applied citywide. DOT has developed a variety of sign sizes to accommodate different environments.

WalkNYC maps are also installed at Citi Bike station kiosks, to expand the wayfinding network and provide valuable information for pedestrians, in addition to Citi Bike users.

The four initial areas and community partners for WalkNYC are:

We expect to see signs in Harlem soon.

If you come across an ideal location for a sign, tweet the location via Twitter using the hashtag #WalkNycSignForHarlem.

Sundae Sermon + St Nicholas = Super Success!


The change of venue didn’t deter the crowds at the first Sundae Sermon of the 2013 season…in fact there were more good people grooving to good music than ever.

On a gorgeous sunny Sunday, St Nicholas Park resounded with pumping dance beats spun by legendary dj’s Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge and, of course, Stormin’ Norman himself.  Folks swaying, kids playing, everyone meeting and greeting–Sundae Sermon is truly a Harlem classic. See you at the next one!