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Wife Asked Husband For Fenty Highlighter And This Is What She Got

Charlema Webb’s husband thought she meant actual pen-to-paper highlighters.This post was originally published on this…

How Langston Hughes Rejected White Poetry Norms And Pioneered A New Art Form

Langston Hughes pioneered jazz poetry and led the Harlem Renaissance.This post was originally published on…

In rememberence of Martin Luther King: Rep. John Lewis on The View

John Lewis’ powerful, timeless and timely words. If you consume nothing else today, watch this….

Omar Edwards, Foot Musician and Entertainer, Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, NYC

this Is Harlem

Adam Clayton Powell Junior

Put A Flip On _ Wendy Hilliard Gymnatics Foundation

Marcus Garvey Park Artist Portrait

Sexy Soul Oldies