October 5th, 2012 by HarlemGuy

FDBA (Frederick Douglass Blvd. Alliance) is joining the NYC Green Market next week to be a part of the city’s first night time Farmer’s Market.

The event is a week from today, Thursday Oct. 11th from 4pm – 9pm outside of the Harlem Treasure Chest Flea Market on Frederick Douglass Blvd at 117th Street.

There will be live music, prepared food from some of the best restaurants along FDB, and of course local fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, and wine for purchase at the farmer’s market.

What a great idea and opportunity to stock up on good healthy produce.  Thank you FDBA for reaching out to those of us here at HarlemCondoLife about this event.  See you at Harlem Pop-Up Thursday night!

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January 30th, 2012 by harlemhouse

We have some updates  about the newest addition in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Boulevard Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.

After speaking with the owner Angela, she informed us that Harlem Savour’s Facebook page, Website, Twitter and ability to text in your order will be up and running shortly.  Their Facebook Page is expected to be up by tomorrow and text-to-order by Friday.

She also informed us that they will have outdoor tables this summer which will be a nice addition for extra seating.  There will be a bar as well and they are in the process of getting their liquor license.

I already like how tech savvy this place is and that you will be able to call or text in your order.

To read our previous review Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.

* Please join us on twitter @HarlemHCL

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Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.
2190 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, NY 10026
(212) 472-8687

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January 29th, 2012 by harlemhouse

For all of you seafood lovers a new addition to Frederick Douglass Boulevard just opened called  Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.  Very reasonably priced with a simple but tasteful selection.

All the dishes are named after the famous Streets of Harlem.  Great idea!  You can order a three Piece Catfish & Grits plate called  “The Frederick” for $6.50.  They also have two Lobster Tails with your choice of two sides called “116th Street” for $20.00.  That is the most expensive thing on the menu.  I ordered “The St. Nick” which is one chicken breast and grits on the Harlem’s Breakfast section of the menu.  Tasted very good.  There are several tables for eating your lunch/dinner there in the restaurant.  I have a feeling this place will do very well with the take-out and delivery crowd as well.  I’m looking forward to ordering takeout from them again this week.

It is great to have a new Seafood Restaurant here in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Boulevard.  Welcome to the neighborhood.
Stop in and check it out.

(The very nice owner Angela, informed me that she will have a facebook site posted hopefully later tonight or within a couple days.)

MENU – Page 2

Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.

2190 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 117th St.

(212) 472-8687

UPDATE – Click here Harlem Savour.

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May 20th, 2010 by Icare4Harlem

Petland Discounts

By Icare4Harlem

Although Central Harlem is lined with an array of stores, you’ll have to peek around the southeast corner on 117th St. and Lenox Avenue to find this Petland store.  If you walk about a ½ block down the street, you’ll enter into the store and a friendly face will greet you.  As I searched for a few items for my cats, I decided to take a closer look at all the animals.

Albino Underwater Frogs

Glass Catfish

Yes, you’ll find your standard rodents, birds, and fish but there were a few interesting residents in the fish tanks.  I noticed some Albino Underwater Frogs racing back and forth and Glass Catfish displaying their transparent bodies.  Towards the back of the store are the chirping/squawking birds and right next to them are those nocturnal creatures attempting to catch up on their sleep.  Rolled up in furry balls are the hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, and a rabbit.

The best part is seeing the children fascinated by, albeit a little wary, the less receptive animals.  There’s quite a selection of supplies, food, and basic necessities packed in this relatively small area.  The prices were competitive with some of the larger pet stores and the staff is more than willing to assist you.  As you exit the store, there’s a bulletin board listing a variety of pet services.  If you happened to leave with more items than anticipated, the No. 2 and 3 subway station and several bus lines are nearby.

Petland Discounts

56 West 117th St.


Pet Services

Sharing A Drink

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March 7th, 2010 by harlemhouse

By HarlemHouse

This Photo and info just sent in to us at HCL by a reader.  I quote:

“The shuffle of businesses continues on the east side of FDB between 116 and 117! Looks like a Chinese restaurant is slated to fill the spot left by the dry cleaner’s move to the ex-Winery location.”

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Thank you for the tip!


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January 19th, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life


By HarlemGal and Austin2Harlem
We enjoy dining out in Harlem and this past holiday weekend was no exception. For our Friday night outing, we decided to check out one of the newest food establishments in Harlem, Frizzante Italian Bistro & Bar, located on the corner of 117th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. Like most Harlemites, we wondered when this place was going to open up. After our visit, we now feel the wait was worth it.


Let us start off by saying, Frizzante did not disappoint. We walked in around 9 PM and most tables were taken. Our first thought was “are we in Harlem?” Where did all these people come from? We didn’t recognize anyone in the place. It immediately felt like a downtown Italian bistro in Little Italy. The layout of the place is very well done with hanging lights, big wooden tables and a beautiful corner bar showcasing numerous wine bottles.

When we were seated, paper menus were provided with the words “CASH ONLY” on it. As we quickly scanned the menu, the price point diminished the cash only aspect because most items on the menu were below $10. BONUS! We were quite impressed. Now we were thinking, the next bonus will be if the food matches or surpasses its prices. And it did!


We started off with Antipasto misto: proscuitto, mortadella, soppressata and capocollo served on a nice round white place; and Cuori de carciofo alla Milanese: pan seared artichoke hearts. Both starters were simple, but very tasty. The artichokes were breaded and served with lemon wedges. We sprinkled a little bit of lemon juice on top and the item tasted like you were biting into a meaty artichoke. The cured meat was wonderful as well. We liked the proscuitto and the salami-like meat. Eating the meat with the garnished type red onion gave it a kick.


For our dinner plates, we had the Lasagne di carne, the meat lasagna, and the Scaloppine di vitello al limone, veal in a white wine and lemon sauce. Both dishes were absolutely delicious! What we were impressed the most by was the meat lasagna. It had no cheese, but it didn’t need it. It was scrumptous without it. The veal was lean and tender. You could cut it with your fork. This dish was served with roasted potatoes, but not that many. The meat was good, but they could have provided just a tad bit more potatoes. Between the two dishes we preferred the meat lasagna. However, you cannot go wrong with either one if you decide you’re in the mood for some veal.

As for dessert, we would have ordered some. After being open for only one day they were not ready to serve dessert or liquor. Frizzante does not have their liquor license yet. Not too worry, they allowed BYOB. We went to the little bodega on the corner of 116th and FDB for some brewski. However, we saw most patrons going to The WineryNectar or Harlem Vintage for a bottle of vino to go along with their dinner. Those establishments had to be happy that night and will be for a while until Frizzante gets their liquor license.


Overall, we had a wonderful time dining at Frizzante. We saw some discombulation, but it was minor and plus Frizzante has only been open for a few days now. Between the two of us our bill was a total of about $45, not including tip. We were extremely pleased with the food and with the fact that we did not have to venture downtown and pay a ton of money for a nice Italian meal.

Frizzante Italian Bistro & Bar
2168 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, NY 10026-2001
(212) 866-0525

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January 16th, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life


By HarlemCondoLife
Due to a change in rent and needing more space, The Winery, which is currently located at Frederick Douglass Blvd. between 116th and 117th Street, is moving to 257 West 116th Street. Work is happening now on the new space in order for the move to Read more of this article »

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January 15th, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life



UPDATE: Click here to read review on food!

After many, many months of restaurant furniture sitting inside a nicely designed corner space, a naked bar and teasing windows for Harlemites to peak in, Frizzante Italian Bistro & Bar has finally opened its doors at the corner of 117th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. Last night (Thursday, January 14) was their first night of business in Harlem.
I tried chatting with the gentlemen on site today to get the chisme on who is behind this new restaurant, which, in our view, supports our claim that from 110th Street to 125th on Frederick Douglass Blvd. it is slowly and surely becoming the restaurant row of Harlem. The gentlemen declined to comment on who is the investor(s). They only said “why don’t you come over tonight and try our food; and blog about that? I responded: “I will certainly do that.”


Now we have to wait and see what happens with the other new restaurant opening up near 67 Orange on FDB. The place is slowing coming together. Either way, the more dining establishments in Harlem the better.

See you at Frizzante in Harlem!

Frizzante Italian Bistro & Bar
2168 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, NY 10026-2001
(212) 866-0525

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July 21st, 2009 by Native New Yorker


By NativeNewYorker

Located in the basement of The Douglass at 279 W 117th Street, this used to be a “monthly’s only” garage, (mostly for residents of the Douglass)  but it is now open to the public.  The entrance is actually on 118th Street, between Frederick Douglass Blvd and St. Nicholas Ave.  It’s open 24 hours, the staff are friendly and, as of this post, monthly spaces are still available and reasonably priced. 



 There is also casual parking for visitors – any 12 hours is only $8.45 + tax.  Check it out!





PARK 1117th LLC 

279 W   Street   

New York, NY 10026 

212 222-0242

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