January 18th, 2014 by HarlemGuy

harlemcondolife neighbors from hell

New Yorkers are no strangers to navigating the politics of living in very close quarters.  Newcomers often learn the ins and outs the hard way.

But even the most seasoned veterans can come across vexing situations.   And with the real estate market being as hot as it is in Harlem and across New York City, we thought our readers might benefit from this book, the author of which (Bob Borzotta) was recently featured on 20/20.

Neighbors From Hell – Let the Good Guys Win.

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April 8th, 2013 by HarlemGuy

harlemcondolife the groovy projects

A long term Harlem resident (and good friend of mine) Nate Lombardi is “empowering kids to find their passions through interactive and artistic projects with professionals. To let them feel how better it is to lift each other up!”

The Groovy Projects is a company that empowers students and their teachers to understand how lifting up their peers feels worlds better than breaking them down. It seeks to educate them on how to deal with bullying in order to make it stop.  “Groovy Projects” include interactive student presentations (and training), art/song contests, DVDs, CD games, short movies, and music videos.  The mission is to enlist some of New York City’s most talented visionaries an to “mold thousands… millions… BILLIONS of children’s perspectives on how to live a positive, encouraging and fulfilling life. We will get these kids excited and involved about creating inspiring art while doing good!”

The Project was recently featured on 20/20 – see Chris Cuomo interview below.

The Project is currently running an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to get 100 small donations to show big money people that we have grass roots support!   Only 2 days left!  Chip in a few tax-deductible bucks and spread the word for a great cause!

For more information contact Nate.

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