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citibike harlem

Harlem residents have launched a petition on to bring Citibikes to Harlem.  Harlem was not included in the initial rollout.  Nor is Harlem included in current expansion plans.

This exclusion does not make sense.  See below for salient points from the petition.

HarlemCondoLife supports the petition by Harlem residents to bring Citibikes to Harlem.    Click here to view, sign and share the petition.  

While the City is cold and mired in snow, now is the time to ask for what Harlem deserves, so there’s a chance Harlem will have it to enjoy as soon as  possible, ideally by this Spring.

  • The Citibike program has been largely hailed as a huge success, and plans are in place for its expansion.
  • New York Magazine reported though, that the new stations “are planned for the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Park Slope, and Cobble Hill”.
  • The article points out that the planned expansion “does nothing to fight the perception — and stats — that contend the program is catering only to well-off white people.”
  • The expansion of the Citibike program into less affluent areas will mean greater access to the city annual costs of a metrocard start at over $1,300, which would mean greater access to opportunities.
  • Harlemites pay the same taxes on sales, income, and property, but we are always the last to benefit when the city prospers, and while Harlem is enjoying something of a renaissance, the City, in this case the NYC Department of Transportation, can help Harlem help itself by supporting the infrastructure of our Manhattan neighborhood.
  • Harlem is home to many students, recent college graduates, and others just starting out in the city. A bike share program would boom amongst them.  This is especially true given the emergence of Harlem’s Educational Hub in Manhattanville.
  • The petition needs the support of Polly Trottenberg, Dept. of Transportation, Commissioner for the New York City Department of Transportation;  Henrietta Lyle, Chairman for CB10; Andrew Lassalle, Assistant District Manager;  Seth Solomon, Press Secretary at NYC Department of Transportation.

via Petition | Expand the Citibike program to Harlem |

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January 11th, 2014 by HarlemGuy

speeding via

Residents have long complained about speeding motorists along an 11 block stretch of Morningside Ave. between W. 116th and W. 126th Sts.  This stretch runs along Morningside Park and contains numerous playgrounds and other facilities used by kids, parents, families and others year round.

The Police Department issued 263 speeding tickets between January and October last year along the corridor.  More than 100 people have been injured there from 2007 to 2011 (the city was unable to provide injury data for the last two years).

In response the Department of Transportation wants to reduce four traffic lanes to three.  The city’s plan would include pedestrian islands on Morningside Ave. at W. 123rd St., W. 120th St., W. 118th St., and W. 117th St., concrete extensions, a stop sign at W. 118th St., an additional pedestrian signal and a new crosswalk at Hancock Place.

However one of the two community boards that need to approve the proposal recently failed to do so, noting more time is needed to hear from plan proponents and opponents.

Some local residents are not happy with the delay.   A petition has been setup to address the problem.  Click here to view and sign the petition.   It contains a nice before and after visual and other details of the proposed plan.

via Harlem community board puts brakes on city plan to slow down speeding traffic on Morningside Ave. – NY Daily News.

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