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A(nother) Building Grows On Harlem's Gold Coast / Restaurant Row


By HarlemGuy                                                                                                                                       I continue to be surprised by the pace of development in Harlem, in particular on what is now well-known as the Gold Coast / Restaurant Row.   Which is why this new construction sprouting on what is now the remaining half of the Garden of Love at 116th between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Morningside Avenue – and directly across the street from Harlem Tavern, caught my eye.

What new manner of residential or commercial  enterprise will appear here we can only imagine.

We would love to hear from you if you know anything.



Harlem In The Hamptons (or is it The Hamptons In Harlem)?

credit: Levain Bakery

By HarlemGuy                                                                                                                                 One of my favorite pastimes while traveling is looking for references to Harlem.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see the following roadside sign while driving back from a recent trip to Amaganset in the Hamptons.

Curious, I ran in to confirm what I suspected.  As many of you may know we have a Levain Bakery right here in Harlem’s Gold Coast / Restaurant row, on the West Side of Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 116th and 117th.  A few steps away from Harlem Tavern, Lido, and a few blocks away from Melba’s, Society, Five & Diamond, Bier International and Zoma, to name just a few.

That being said I took the opportunity to stop by, spend a moment with one of the owners and the staff who were of course suitably dressed.  I particularly loved the Harlem 10026 T-shirt!

I love that we have a little piece of the Hamptons in Harlem.  Better yet, I love that there’s a little bit of Harlem in the Hamptons.

This is made all the sweeter (no pun intended) when you consider that Levain bakery is also one of Oprah’s favorites.

And of course my favorite cookie is what else but Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

Of which I promptly purchased several.

In Harlem, of course (smile).

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Happy Black History Month

By HarlemGuy

Black History Month is a reminder of what we must do each and every day -celebrate the past, current and future achievements of African Americans.

The Egyptian revolution is a potent reminder of the power of one’s will to be free.  Something to which all Americans can relate.

There’s been a long standing discussion regarding the connection between African Americans and Egyptians.  So it’s fitting that the current revolution is happening this month.  It provides a well timed teachable moment on so many levels.

The revolution was powered by an almost spiritual belief in something better that could be willed into being.  That belief is a hallmark of African American culture which is reflected in our music, particularly Gospel.  So it is additionally fitting that HCL will also be bringing you it’s latest podcast featuring Gospel and inspirational music in honor of Black History Month.

Happy Black History Month to all of you from all of us at HarlemConoLife (HCL).

Today Only – Get 50% Discount on Dinner at Rack & Soul !

By HarlemGuy

I love a bargain. Especially when it benefits my community (or something wonderful adjacent thereto). Which is why I am sharing today’s great offer from LivingSocial.com.

LivingSocial offers steep discounts on a variety of products and services. Offers change daily. You can subscribe via email or visit the web site. You can specify target neighborhoods or zip codes too.

I could not resist today’s offer for Rack & Soul. Rack & Soul is a good soul food restaurant adjacent to Harlem. The food is incredibly tasty, and the owner is very nice and flexible. We had him cater a party once and he was very nice, helpful, and everything was as expected. Moreover, the food was incredible. If you’ve not tried Rack & Soul now is a great opportunity.

Try LivingSocial and Rack & Soul today and let us know how you liked them!