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Harlem Real Estate – Open Houses Galore

By HarlemGuy

What a difference 6 years makes, as the sampling of available real estate offerings in Harlem below from Halstead makes clear.

When I first bought in Harlem there was just one property on this list that I can recall, the Gateway Condominium.  My slice of Harlem which is Frederick Douglass Boulevard from 110th to 125th (we called it the Gold Coast, the NY Times called it Harlem’s Restaurant Row) was just beginning an epic transformation.  It was my move into the neighborhood and its transformation that prompted my fellow bloggers to partner together to create HarlemCondoLife – Your gateway to Harlem.

Today is a few days after the 7th anniversary of my first day as a Harlem resident and owner with a vested interest in this community’s future.  I am happy to report how much has transpired since then.

Halstead Property Development Marketing Open House Schedule.


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Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) Spied Filiming In Harlem

By HarlemGuy

On my way home from work last night I noticed a commotion on 113th between Frederick Douglass Boulevard (FDB) and Morningside, which is right off Harlem’s Gold Coast / Harlem’s restaurant row.

As I walked towards the source of the commotion I overheard someone say “oh no, not again, what happened?”

But as I got closer it became clear that this was not a real crime scene but a function one – confirmed by an actor posing as policeman – shot on one of my favorite side streets in NYC.

Loving Harlem ™

You Can Still Catch Glimpses of Fall In Harlem

By HarlemGuy

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. And there’s nothing like a walk through Harlem’s many parks to take it in.

And the weeks right before thanksgiving are a perfect time to take it all in.

Like this recent image while walking West along Marcus Garvey Park’s northern border.

Simply stunning.

I love Harlem.

Register For The Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk in Marcus Garvey Park on Oct. 2 2010.

By HarlemGuy

Arise India Foundation is sponsoring the Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk in Marcus Garvey Park on October 2nd.

The Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to apply Indian thought for humanity’s benefit. Their flagship initiative is the Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk which seeks to encourage people to walk regularly following the example of Mahatma Gandhi. The goal is to enhance wellness and fight against diabetes, heart disease and obesity in a cost-effective manner. Arise India Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in India and working worldwide with partners.

The Walk

The Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk is a unique and free public health initiative that is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s habit of walking regularly to maintain his health. It aims to encourage people to walk regularly to enhance their wellness, reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and prevent obesity. Hence the Walk’s motto, “In His Footsteps—For Your Health.” You can read reflections (in “From the President’s Desk“), download beautiful Italian designed posters and watch the video explaining the Walk. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please join us for the Walk on October 2, 2010 in New York City. You owe it to yourself. ” In His Footsteps—For Your Health.”

The Venue

The Walk will take place in Marcus Garvey Park between 11 am and 12 noon on October 2, 2010. The Park is one of the oldest public squares in Manhattan. The walk will start on the East side of the Park ( 123rd Street and Madison Avenue). Participants will walk around the Park perimeter in a clockwise direction for one hour. However, as this is a non-competitive event, participants may choose to walk for a shorter time depending upon their level of fitness. Please collect your Tshirts in advance as notified in your confirmation communication. “In His Footsteps–For Your Health.”

Register For The Walk Today!