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Harlem Run Connects Old and New Residents

 The group, Harlem Run, meets up every Monday and Thursday on 125th Street.

Harlem Run members gather at 125th Street across from the Rite Aid on Lenox Avenue in an effort to get and stay fit.

“The first couple of months it was just me and my friend,” said Alison Desir, who started the group in 2013. “To be fair we started in the coldest months of the year.”

The group is now the largest and most active group in the neighborhood with between 20 and 30 people showing up for each event.  They have 1000 followers on Facebook.

“As it’s developed I didn’t want it to be a group of gentrifiers,” Desir said. “[Running] breaks the ice. What’s even cooler now is seeing pictures of people hanging out or hearing people make plans with people they otherwise wouldn’t know.”

The organization has helped people lose weight and live healthier lives. On Father’s Day, one of their members ran a mile with his kids after losing 75 pounds. At the start of every run the group forms a large circle and each runner introduces themselves to the group. To avoid taking over the entire sidewalk, they run in twos.

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Storm Prep in Harlem

Hurricane Irene last year failed to live up to the doomsday expectations for the city (thank goodness!), but that’s no reason to be  unprepared for Hurricane Sandy this time around.

We stupidly saw –but didn’t buy– a large flashlight in the 125th street Duane Reade yesterday when we were getting preliminary supplies, when we went back this morning all flashlights had vanished… Got the bright idea of going to United Hardware on FDB to buy an electric lantern but first we popped into Rite Aid to see what emergency supplies we could acquire there, not even knowing exactly what we wanted. We wasted 20 minutes standing in line with 2 unneeded LED powered candles as there were no flashlights , and just as we got to the front of the line, Marcus Samuelsson rushed in –what is he buying??? Harlem’s Superstar Chef must know what to buy!!–but we were so close to checkout, we couldn’t  follow him (plus that’s stalkerish anyway). Finally onto United Hardware where we were informed that they had sold out of the last battery lantern 15 minutes beforehand. All out of flashlights too.

Then we fought our way through the throngs at Best Yet–the management is trying their best to have some control and process and they had extra staff in place to facilitate checkout which is great, but the lines are long. Back out on the street we noticed brunch in full swing at many local restaurants–New Yorkers are so irrepressible –and lots of tourists nonchalantly smiling, strolling and even riding rental bikes up FDB, boy are they going to be in for a surprise later…

Only one more thing to buy–actually the most important supply, wine. The Winery is trying to keep their regular hours tonight they say, but they’ll be open at least until 6.

Everyone please be safe and smart during this sustained storm.

*For breaking information on the status of Hurricane Sandy NOAA.

Brunch business as usual at Lido

Heavy crowds at Best Yet.