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Walk It Out! Family Walk & Run for the Village of Harlem THIS SATURDAY

This Saturday, March 24th from 12 noon – 3:00PM you can join “Walk It Out!” at the 2012 Annual Family Walk and Run! This is a fun-filled, physical activity-centered, free, family event that seeks to bring awareness of the need for participation in community programming to support health in Harlem!  This year’s event highlights senior fitness and intergenerational community health.  The walking will be indoors, at the Harlem Children’s Zone Armory.  The team with the most revolutions wins a prize! Free Registration, which includes a Healthy Lunch. Free Health Screenings by Harlem Hospital Center.  Free Exercise Demonstrations by New York Road Runners. 

The Harlem Children’s Zone Armory is located at 40 West 143rd Street – between Lenox and Fifth Avenues

Harlem Walk it Out

By HarlemOnaBudget

Harlem is a vibrant and diverse community but unfortunately we are not as healthy as we could be.  According to the New York City Department of Health, folks who live in Harlem are almost twice as likely to be obese as those who live in the rest of Manhattan and almost half (48%) report that they get no regular exercise.  Obesity and the lack of exercise lead to higher rates of diabetes and heart disease.  Surprisingly, the simple act of walking can be a step in the right direction to addressing these community health issues.

On Wednesday April 7th, National Start! Walking Day, over two hundred people, the vast majority of them students of Frederick Douglass Academy I, took a walk in Harlem. Organized by Mentoring in Medicine, Inc. and cosponsored by Frederick Douglass Academy I and the American Heart Association, this short walk demonstrated the importance of exercise and the need for cardiovascular health education in our community. It was also a precursor to the Mentoring in Medicine 16-Week Challenge, a culturally relevant exercise and health education initiative, to take place this summer.

Dr. Lynne Holden, Founder and Executive Director of Mentoring in Medicine, Inc


The afternoon started with a school assembly where Amanda Mercep, a representative of the American Heart Association, announced the 4th annual National Start! Walking day. Ms. New York USA, Davina Reeves, not only attended the local community event but also addressed the room asking all the students present to describe what they think it means to be healthy. She received a chorus of responses including such suggestions as eating vegetables, working out, and sleeping regularly. The assembly also included speeches by Dr. Lynne Holden, founder and president of Mentoring in Medicine, Inc. (MIM) and Andrew Morrison, MIM Vice-President of Operations. I remember when Dr. Holden shared a statistic stating that for every two hours of walking one can add an hour onto one’s life. The students in the room began chanting “two for one!”

If the passion I witnessed at this event is any indicator for the upcoming youth-led Mentoring in Medicine walking program this summer, I’m sure the program will be a success. Personally, I look forward to learning more and participating in the Mentoring in Medicine 16-Week Challenge as a fun, free way to get in shape. For more information email walkwithMIM@gmail.com!